Who we are

There is a difference between putting people in the community and putting community in the people


5FOLD is a not for profit charity founded by a collective bunch of people that desire to benefit our surrounding communities. Our team focuses on building individuals and families because we understand if people grow, so will our community!

Our team embrace a holistic approach to give a hand up rather than a handout

There are 5 focus areas within 5FOLD that we believe surround a person’s stability, being clothes, food, shelter, support and training. We assist in these 5 areas knowing that there are often times people need some help and encouragement. 

We genuinely care about each persons wellbeing and work with them, where they are at, to develop understanding and offer assistance within their current circumstances. We do this by bringing volunteers, mentors and advisors together in a safe, supportive and non judgemental environment. 

We hold the view that communities are not programs … they are people.

Emergency Relief

JP Services

Training & Support

Change isn’t change until it’s changed

With this approach we want to journey through life with people to maintain and develop themselves first which in turn brings a positive flow on effect within the community.

5FOLD encourages a strength based framework while equipping people to action their weaknesses into opportunities.

We believe by building strength within someone, we will strengthen their community.

So we ask the question, “What do you need to be stronger?” We want to address that question and many more that are not being asked.

A strong community will team up together in times of need to hold itself up.

5FOLD works with stakeholders, schools, community groups and businesses to collaborate on strategies, events and work on meeting the needs of its families and residents in Yarrabilba together with its surrounding suburbs.