Female Counselling

5FOLD offers 50 minute counselling sessions to female adults with our registered counsellor.

We appreciate each one of us are on a different journey and we all need help at times to work through situations. 

Through a holistic approach, we are able to provide support, understanding and assistance to better equip and assist people with the life tools and a recognition of their own self worth to empower them and transform their lives.

We offer connection to self, each other and our community.

At this stage our counselling service is only offered to adult females but we cannot wait to extend this to males and children! 

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Training & Support

Training & Development is how we grow

As a registered organisation with Services Australia we can assist individuals who wish to engage in voluntary work as part of their obligations as a Job Seeker. We can also assist, train and support school based work experience.

5FOLD is a safe space where people can come to transition into the workplace, including parents returning to work, seniors and people with disabilities.

We have a wide range of networks across the city of Logan and relationships with service providers that can meet the needs of those where help is beyond our scope. We also have the capacity to write referrals where needed and provide the support alongside the individual throughout their journey.

Connect With Us

We are a not for profit charity set up to provide assistance and raise money for those who need a hand up within our community