Community Awards

Welcome to our community recognition platform, where we go beyond just meeting needs and strive to highlight and celebrate the unique strengths that make our community truly exceptional. In addition to addressing essential requirements, we firmly believe in acknowledging and honoring outstanding contributions through our prestigious awards. These accolades are designed to showcase the diverse talents, passion, innovation, resilience, integrity and generosity that define our community.

By shining a spotlight on remarkable individuals, we aim to inspire others, foster a sense of pride and build a collective spirit of accomplishment. Join us in celebrating individuals who live within our community and embody the spirit of excellence and inspire us all to reach new heights. Together, we’re not just meeting needs – we’re building a community that thrives on its inherent strengths and collective achievements. We explore the richness of our community through five distinct categories of awards, each designed to spotlight and honour exceptional achievements in the following areas:

  • Sports Person Talent Award

    • This award recognises an outstanding individual whose athletic sportsmanship and dedication have not only elevated their personal achievements but have also made a positive impact on our community, inspiring others to embrace the values of teamwork, discipline and passion for sports.
  • Youth Community Champion Award

    • This award celebrates someone in their youth with exceptional commitment and leadership who have demonstrated remarkable dedication, advocacy and community service, embodying a spirit of empathy and initiative that inspires positive change and uplifts their peers and community around them.
  • Community Initiative Award

    • This award is bestowed upon a resident who exhibits innovation, effectiveness and a tangible positive impact on our community, recognising those endeavors that go beyond the ordinary by addressing local needs, fostering collaboration and inspiring a lasting and meaningful difference.
  • Most Valued Volunteer Award

    • This award is for an individual who demonstrates exemplary commitment, selflessness and the significant positive impact made through volunteer efforts within their community, highlighting exceptional dedication, reliability and a passion for service that sets the recipient apart as an invaluable asset to the well-being and development of our community.
  • Over 50’s Inspiration Award

    • This award honors a resident who is aged 50 or above and exhibits remarkable resilience, achievement and continued contributions to the community, recognising their ability to inspire others through their life experiences, leadership and positive influence, proving that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact on the community.

Community champions


Nominate an outstanding individual in our community who embodies excellence by completing the form below. Shine a light on someone who aligns with the values of our prestigious award and provide details about their achievements, dedication and the positive impact they’ve made. We need your help to recognise those who go above and beyond, making our community a better place for everyone.

Nominations are open all year-round with quarterly cut-offs to announce finalists; these outstanding contributors will be considered for our prestigious perpetual trophies presented at the end of the year, ensuring a continuous celebration of excellence within our community.

Please ensure your nominations are received by no later than close of business on Friday, 8 December 2023 to be considered for our next Award round

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